Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2020

Filmed back in the early summer, Pat Campo's self-directed video for The New Norm is one of the most inventive examples of crowd-sourced videos created in the early stage of the pandemic crisis.

Taking place entirely on Zoom - what else? - the innovative video takes the lockdown aesthetic and cranks it up to eleven, encouraging a panel of friends to show their mobile phone screens to the camera. 

The genius of the concept is the careful timing, choreography and trippy visuals on-screen, bypassing the limitations of the each user's screen, instead roaming free across the whole canvas. 

If we had known about it earlier, it probably would have made the cut for the UKMVAs' and Promonews' Brief History Of The Lockdown Video. It's certainly a stand-out example of the genre.


DirectorPat Campo
ProducerPat Campo

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2020

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