Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

World-renowned photographer Paola Kudacki directs a dark and introspective vision for Foo Fighters' Shame Shame. 

Based on a recurring dream that has haunted vocalist Dave Grohl since he was 14, the concept follows the artist as he embarks on a mysterious quest to discover a burning coffin at the top of a hill. 

Shot in impressionistic black and white, the abstract video incorporates choreography, subtle visual effects and a typically high-energy performance from Grohl, who endlessly fights to release his burden of shame.

Sofia Boutella - best known for her work in The Mummy and Kingsman - represents this shame through dead weight on his shoulders, dragging him down as he tirelessly searches for answers. 

For a group with such an iconic and varied videography, this is a journey into a much darker territory, which mirrors the musical direction in their new album. 

PRO Credits


DirectorPaola Kudacki
ProducerMatthew Shattuck
Production CompanyBELIEVE MEDIA
Executive ProducerLiz Silver
Executive ProducerLuke Thornton
1st ADMichael Saffie
Director of PhotographySantiago Gonzalez
Art DirectorMila Taylor-young
HairMaranda Widlund
Make-upGeorgi Sandev
EditorPeter Johnson
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Other creditsHead Of Production: Vitaly Koshman Production Co-ord: Brent Pennington Stunt Supervisor: Rene P. Mousseux Stylist: Madeline Weeks

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

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