Promonews - 20th Nov 2020

Jessie may be living in a haunted house - and those magic nunchakas she discovered will probably come in handy. And who are those guys with the snakes on dog leads?

You will be asking these questions, and probably mor,  in Niall Trask's video for the retro-pop of Pregoblin's Snakes & Oranges –  a lo-fi mishmash of cult movie references delivered in an enjoyably wacky fashion.

PRO Credits


DirectorNiall Trask
ProducerNiall Trask
Director of PhotographyRob Jarvis
GafferJasper Clarkson
Art DirectorErin Lawrie
WardrobeErin Lawrie
Hair & Make-upSophie Gouk
EditorNiall Trask
ColouristAdric Watson
Director's RepresentationOB Management
Other creditsWritten By Alexander Sebley Animation By Simon Milner Special Thanks: Andy Little, Greenkit Cover Art By Aleksandra Waliszewska

Promonews - 20th Nov 2020

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