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Sasha Sloan 'Is It Just Me?' by Tim Mattia

Rob Ulitski - 8th Oct 2020

Tim Mattia explores isolation in his latest video for Sasha Sloan. 

Like his previous video for Lie, this one for Is It Just Me? taps into the sense of dislocation that pervades modern life - but this time Sasha Sloan is the sole occupant of what appears to be a research installation in a hostile environment. We see her going about her daily chores on the base, reflecting on her current situation, and obsessing over a spacesuit that hangs on her wall. She grows plants, works out and sleeps in a series of interconnected rooms, contained in an environment that is functional but uninspired. 

As she gains the courage to suit up and step outside, we find that Sloan isn't on another world, but on Earth. The sun still shines, even though you cannot breathe the air...

It's impossible not to draw lines between our current situation and the narrative in this video, and it's a unique and refreshing perspective of the times we live in. Tim Mattia's frequent collaborator and DoP Justyn Moro captures a sense of unease through vivid red lighting and heavy contrast, whilst the stillness of the camera suggests that things might not be quite as far gone as we think. 


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Rob Ulitski - 8th Oct 2020


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Tim Mattia
Jennifer Ansell
Production Company
Tiny Terror Productions


Director of Photography
Justyn Moro
Focus Puller
Ck Cates
2nd AC
Neil Dearman


Justin Hughes


Jen Kennedy


Post Producer
Angela Hodgson


Director's Representation

Rob Ulitski - 8th Oct 2020

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