Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2020

Global direct an exploration of excess for Ichon's comeback single 911. 

In the video Ichon reflects on the inner journey he is taking, as he tries to escape his toxic and superficial universe. Clinging to red strings from all sides, the artist is a puppet in this world, and is desperately striving for purpose and meaning. 

Using poetic visuals and simple primary colours, the directors convey a striking and introspective message, elevated through top-notch art direction and cinematography. 


We understood the need to kill Ichon - the old one - and to give birth to the new one.

“Ichon's speech was so impregnated with his personal approach that we could not write a note without taking his conduct into account. The script and artistic direction are ours, but as long as he wasn't 100% satisfied with each sequence, we reworked the project.

“He fed us with his story of the past three years that we interpreted as a contemporary Way of the Cross, or an urban exodus that we wanted to treat in a lyrical way.

“His past, represented by the colour red, signifies the violence and brutality of his former life. Clinging to red strings from all sides, Ichon is nothing more than a puppet in the world he is trapped inside. It is when the colour blue, synonymous with purity and simplicity, comes to mingle with red that Ichon dissociates himself from his old image to become a person true to himself: authentic, healthy, free from his torments.

“The colours mix together until they give way to a palette of blues, representing the end of a fight towards the ultimate desire to surpass oneself. We understood the need to kill Ichon, the old one, and to give birth to the new one through a serene and welcoming atmosphere.”


ProducerAuguste Bas
Production CompanyPartizan
Production ManagerMargaux Monneri
1st ADAnne Laure Marie Huet
Director of PhotographyJulien Ramirez Hernan
Focus PullerManon Delville
2nd ACMartin Raffier
GafferSylvain Gabayer
Art DirectorMarion Foulquier
ColouristVincent Amor
Post production companyPaume
Lead actorIchon

Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2020

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