Rob Ulitski - 15th Sept 2020

Katy Perry explores a witch-dwelling alternate world in Sykosan's video for Cry About It Later, in the fourth video from the Smile Animated Video Series. 

Bursting at the seams with witchcraft, fantasy creatures and magic galore, the video oozes 90's nostalgia with its anime style, encapsulating the wonder of iconic hits like Sabrina The Teenage Witch in a contemporised - and in true Perry form, more surreal and dark - way. 

Traversing the wondrous new world in front of her, Perry leaves her lover in search of one that got away, jetting around on a broomstick.... well, what else?

Beautifully animated and conceptualised, the video is very much in line with the other Smile album releases, capturing an otherworldly sense of wonder that gives each of the tracks a new perspective. 


Production CompanyPartizan
Executive ProducerSara Nix
ProducerBrian Covalt
Animation CompanyFuture Power Station
Animation ProducerGeoff Parsons
2D AnimatorYibi Hu
LabelCapitol Records
Other creditsInk and Colours: Tareg Al-Zamel Ink and Colours: Katherine Spangenberg Ink and Colours: Krystian Piotr Garstkowiak Compositing: Yibi Hu

Rob Ulitski - 15th Sept 2020

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