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Katy Perry 'Harleys In Hawaii' & 'Tucked' by Hoku & Adam

Rob Ulitski - 10th Sept 2020

Partizan have worked with Katy Perry on a series of four animated videos for her just-released album Smile. Two of the videos in the series, for Harleys In Hawaii and Tucked, were entrusted to director duo Hoku & Adam. 

The monochromatic promo for Harleys in Hawaii follows a Hawaiian dancer who escapes her dead-end job and runs away with her lover (and an all-girl motorcycle gang), finally finding a place where she can thrive and call home.

Intertwining vintage, Betty Boop-style animation and Hawaiian traditions, the video is a beautiful interpretation of the track, bubbly and energetic with an undertone of empowerment and strength.

The visual for Tucked unfolds as a series of comic book frames and follows the scintillating tale of a would-be unfaithful wife. 

In Katy Perry’s playfully comedic style, the plot line finds her entangled in a sweet scandal between hubby Mr Broccoli and the hunky piece of candy next door. Wonderfully vivid and dynamic, the visual takes cues from its source material, in the form of onomatopoeia and dramatic perspective changes. And it all comes to a sizzling, eye-opening climax.

The two videos together form a strikingly unique and exciting visual perspective of the artist's sixth studio album.

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Rob Ulitski - 10th Sept 2020


  • Animation
  • Narrative
  • Pop
  • Hawaii
  • Vintage animation
  • Comic book

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Hoku & Adam
Brian Covalt
Creative Director
Martin Schurmann
Creative Director
Claus Cibils
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sara Nix


Patrick Makuakāne


Animation Director
Ernesto Reyna
Animation Company


Hoku Uchiyama


Kaila DeFries
Art Direction
Paula Vidal
Character Design
Leila Rosano

Other credits

Senior Account Manager and Producer

Sofía Teodoro

Animation Coordinator

Florencia Cruz

Office Manager

Natalia Arrigoni

Special Thanks

Māhealani Uchiyama

Special Thanks

Keone Nunes

Character Design

Ailen Sbrizza, Ivan Olszevicki, Leila Rosano, Malena Zevallos, Samuel Dávila

Background Design & Paint

Ailen Sbrizza, Ivan Olszevicki, Malena Zevallos, Mariano Castelli

Animators, Assist & Cleanup

Agostina Salvemini, Axel Oil, Carolina Borovich, Cynthia Perez Daubert, Facundo Garcia, Gaby Bosco, Ivan Greco, Ivan Olszevicki, Julian Lassa, Julio Mayoral, Leila Rosano, Nicolas Quintar, Matias Petroli, Melisa Pighin, Samuel Dávila, Sebastián García

Compositing & Vfx

Julián Pérez Altera, Patricio Passarelli

Animation Production

Moving Colour

Creative Director

Brian Covalt

Character Design

Ryan Whiteley


Cade Covalt

Rob Ulitski - 10th Sept 2020

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