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Groove Armada ft Todd Edwards 'Lover 4 Now' by Fons Schiedon

Rob Ulitski - 28th Aug 2020

Fons Schiedon explores digital connection in the endearing video for Groove Armada's Lover 4 Now. 

Depicting an unlikely long-distance relationship between a dog and a cat, the animated concept is a touching snapshot of our current zeitgeist, as we continue to exist in between digital life and the real world. 

Schiedon uses an abstract, handdrawn style to create an otherworldy universe devoid of human interaction, utilising a restricted colour palette and unique textures to enhance the offbeat narrative.

Fons Schiedon: 

"The video portrays the long distance relationship between a cat named Cosmo and a dog named Mio. Living in homes that show no sign of human life, they help themselves to the contents of fridge and pantry, and find companionship through video chat.

"I wrote the treatment as New York was shutting down to handle the coronavirus outbreak. For weeks, the city remained eerily quiet, except for the frequent sound of ambulances. An audio recording of that soundscape taken from my roof is what the video opens with.

"From the isolation of a smallish apartment, and my improvised studio now squeezed into a corner of the bedroom, the doomy future scenarios just kind of wrote themselves. But seeing that through the eyes of an animal, more aware of the present than worried about the future, seemed like a more hopeful, joyous angle. I love observing animals observe the world, so the video comes from a fascination with how animals learn and interact with their environment. With the cats in my life, I’ve often felt that if I were to disappear, they would probably eventually figure out how to get food delivered using my credit card."

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Rob Ulitski - 28th Aug 2020


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Fons Schiedon
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Rob Ulitski - 28th Aug 2020

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