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The Rolling Stones 'Criss Cross' (Director's Cut) by Diana Kunst

Promonews - 23rd July 2020

An ongoing personal project that Diana Kunst has been pursuing with her friend and muse Guindilla Ontanaya for several years has become an electrifying music video for Criss Cross, a previously unreleased Rolling Stones track from the 1970s.

In a breathless, dizzying nearly-five minutes, Ontanaya romps across continents, exploring freedom and hedonism, and exercises her impudent whims to regularly go nude in public. Incorporating both motion film and photography, directed and shot by Kunst herself, it's all been brought together in a brilliant edit by Carlos Font Clos. 

It's the complete antithesis to the restrictive, locked-down nature of the past few months. But, ironically it was the limitations enforced by the pandemic crisis that made it happen.

The basis of the project is a video diary that Kunst has worked on since 2015, filming Ontanaya in various places around the world, where she often manages to get naked. Polydor director of video Semera Khan realised its potential as a promo for the Stones song that was an outtake for their 1973 album Goat's Head Soup, and has just been released.

Ultimately the video is a combination of that footage from 2015 onwards, and including a new film shoot that took place under strict quarantine conditions in Ibiza. The security required to make that happen, and to process the film footage meant it the edit completed just hours before its release. But the result is just about the most sexy, glamourous, quintessentially rock 'n roll video this year. 

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Promonews - 23rd July 2020

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Diana Kunst
Creative Director
Semera Khan
Production Company
Executive Producer
Dom Thomas
Production Manager
Laura Thomas-Smith


Director of Photography
Diana Kunst
Director of Photography
Uri Barcelona
Focus Puller
Alicia Galina Seijo Rushes
Film Lab


Lead actor
Guindilla Ontanaya


Carlos Font Clos
Diana Kunst
Aitor Bigas
Mark Hills


Richard Fearon


Post production company
Post Producer
Tamara Mennell
Post Producer
Julie Evans


Diana Kunst
Steve Charalambous
Sound Mix

Other credits


Guindilla Ontanaya & Diana Kunst with Lauren Anne Groves

Extra special thanks

Mau Morgó, Zico Judge, Mario Fornies & Laia Vidal at Blur Films, Diego Calvo & Concept Hotel Group, Marcelo Burlon, Pierre de Travesier, Roze De Witte, Los Enamorados Ibiza, Marcelo Burlon, Miranda Makaroff, Raúl Novella, Alejandro Paino and Aarti Mahtani.

Promonews - 23rd July 2020

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