Promonews - 21st July 2020

IDLES present a pointedly unglamourous snapshot of their roots for A Hymn, from the Bristol band's forthcoming album Ultra Mono. It features each bandmember driving through hometown streets to the shops in the company of a parent.

Directed and edited by Ryan Gander, who set up remote cameras in each car, the recording of these mundane journeys in modern suburban Britain is distinctly undramatic, yet quietly heartwarming - a counterpoint to a characteristically heavyweight IDLES song. 

"A Hymn is a hymn that rejoices in the sinister flesh-eating virus of the pedestrian," says frontman Joe Talbot. "It sings the tune of normal's teeth sinking into your neck as you sleep stood up with your eyes open. Amen.”


DirectorRyan Gander
ProducerRyan Gander
EditorRyan Gander
LabelPartisan Records

Promonews - 21st July 2020

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