David Knight - 10th June 2020

The most ambitious - and the funniest - in Matt Walker's remarkable series of music videos for Jamie Adenuga aka Jme, has both the rapper and guest Merky Ace as anchors on 24 news channel, bringing real time news events as they happen - in which Jme and Merky also play prominent roles.   

Walker told Promonews about the video for Live in our Behind The Video feature about his numerous videos for the Grime MC album. "Jme and Merky had an idea of hijacking different news broadcasts ‘blooper’ style," explained. "As soon as I heard the track, I could just see Jme as a newscaster with the wig, glasses and everything. I’ve also always wanted to have J play different characters in a video, so this was the perfect opportunity.

"The tempo and cadence in the track was so dynamic, I felt it needed to have this manic energy so we tried to think of as many funny ‘News stories’ as possible. The fun part was writing all the fake headlines on the rolling ticker." 

The result is an absolute banger - a great video for Jme, and a brilliant achievement by Walker. The budget may have been meagre, but its packed with ideas, and humour. 


DirectorMatt Walker
ProducerMatt Walker

David Knight - 10th June 2020

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