Promonews - 24th Mar 2020

John Dunn's romantic video for Jordan JNR's Turn Me On brings life to the cosmic law of attraction that can happen at those rare moments when the stars align. 

In the real world, Jordan is a barman who falls for a girl customer. That leads to a fantasy of tender lovemaking against a spectacular backdrop of the cosmos - a heavenly encounter in the heavens.


DirectorJohn Dunn
ProducerJordan Walfall / Lee Daley
Production CompanyCreativelydunn
Executive ProducerJohn Dunn
1st ADAndrew Kavanagh
Director of PhotographyLee Daley
Focus PullerKav One
EditorJohn Dunn
Editing companyCreativelydunn
Post ProducerJohn Dunn
VFXAmp; Creativelydunn
LabelFreezabox Records

Promonews - 24th Mar 2020

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