Rob Ulitski - 21st Feb 2020

Femke Huurdeman depicts Sudan Archives - aka Brittney Parks - as a fiery vampire queen in her transcendent vision for Limitless. 

With a spotlight trained on her fangs and a deep blue light pulsating against the backdrop, the opening shot is a haunting preamble that sets the tone for what's to come. Across several setups, Parks explores our obsession with material things, stating "What happened to your dreams? I just wanna go back to times when money didn't make". 

This perspective on how we change as people when our fortunes improve is represented through surreal, wistful performance setups and conceptual choreography. 

Dominique Aizpurua's art direction across the visual is understated yet incredibly relevant- stripped back props and unique backdrops allow Parks to focus on her message and performance, and the lack of clutter is in parallel to the hard-hitting lyrics. 

Limitless is a rare example of a song and visual that transcends its time period and physical location, offering a universal appeal and relatable emotional experience to viewers and listeners.

“It’s about opposite elements and how, as a person, you can feel torn between multiple feelings," says Femke Huurdeman. "It’s not choosing one over the other, but it’s about embracing we all have different layers, and once you know that, you can accept those complexities.”

PRO Credits


DirectorFemke Huurdeman
ProducerChristy Alcaraz
Production CompanyCANADA
Executive ProducerOscar Romagosa
Production ManagerAina Salarich
1st ADAnna Capdevila
Director of PhotographyPepe Gay De Liébana
GafferDaniel Vazquez
Art DirectorDominique Aizpurua
Make-upCris Quer
EditorEstel Roman
ColouristMartí Somoza
Post ProducerÁlvaro Posadas
Lead actorLane Casting
Film LaboratoryCinelab Film and Digital
Other creditsHead Of Production: Alba Barneda, Julia Carrasco Researchers: Álvaro Gimeno, Angie Bolea, Cristian López

Rob Ulitski - 21st Feb 2020

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