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Willie J Healey 'Why You Gotta Do It' by Joe Wheatley

Promonews - 6th Feb 2020

Somewhere in the distant hills of the English Cotswolds, Willie J Healey finds a little piece of the American Deep South with the help of director Joe Wheatley.

We find Willie embracing his own scaled-down version of ranch-life, from his early morning samurai-sword routine, to navigating his way around chickens and tractors - including a lo-fi recording session in his caravan base thrown in for good measure - and all the while sporting a fine gold (well, gold-like) grillz on his teeth, as a symbol of his tremendous good fortune. 

Shot on sumptuous 16mm by Rik Burnell over one sunny day in January, this is the latest in the growing canon of sweetly quirky videos for Healey - this time from Wheatley, was previously part of the directing trio Pilgrim, and is now going it alone. It the video for Why You Gotta Do It is a very enjoyable start to his solo career.


"I found myself pondering around ways in which wealth is represented. As soon as I reached grillz I giggled to myself and stopped.

"Willie thrives when playing a character and this one is no exception. This version of Willie is happy with his lot, he doesn’t have much but simple pleasures. I’d never seen a pale red haired guy with grillz which is enough of a reason to do it.

"Willie came to my house for the weekend, I planted the initial scenario and we just built it together from there."

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Promonews - 6th Feb 2020


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Luke Fraser


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Pete Wade
Film Lab


Adam Jones


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill

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Silence Lola Aitkin-Till, Josh Hanham

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The Wills Family, One Stop Films, Jon O'Neill, Aarti Mahtana @ Cinelab, Alex Nevill, Josh Moore & Charlie Morris at The Mill

Promonews - 6th Feb 2020

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