Rob Ulitski - 4th Feb 2020

What could you make from plastic destined for landfill? Andy Delaney has pondered this question, before deciding to use it as a main element in his music video for Indian Queens.

In Bubblewrap, we see various characters covered or restrained by different types of plastic. These forms twist and morph their bodies, evoking questions of our relationship with the material, and how whilst we rely on it for so much, our survival is irreparably entwined with our need to stop producing and using it. 

Delaney, one half of great music video directing duo Big TV and now finding artistic rejuvenation in Southend-on-Sea, has created an intriguing work, a great example of how a strong creative concept can be wedded to an important and relevant conversation in society. 


"The concept behind the video is very simple - take plastic destined for a landfill and make a video with it. I wanted to create a claustrophobic world where the band are smothered in plastic, and it was important that there were no reactions in their faces, to suggest that the numbing nature of this artificial world has already made it’s mark.

"The horror of what’s unfolding is their lack of reaction, their acceptance of their fate. Visually, I drew on Mapplethorpe’s still lives and some of Rembrandt’s portraits and use of natural light. The song is so hypnotic and compelling that I didn’t need to edit too quickly, I just let the scenes unfold.- in fact the stillness of the video was pushed because having less movement made it more disturbing and allowed the band’s on-screen presence to be felt more vividly.

"Finally, props to Adrian Seery for his remarkable colour grading of the video that’s elevated it to a whole new level. This is also the second video I've made with Cool Thing Records who are just a fantastic group of individuals making things happen here in sunny Southend-on-Sea."


DirectorAndy Delaney
ProducerAndy Delaney
Executive ProducerAndy Delaney
Director of PhotographyAndy Delaney
GafferGraham Tobias
Art DirectorIndian Queens
WardrobeIndian Queens
HairIndian Queens
Make-upIndian Queens
EditorAndy Delaney
ColouristAdrian Seery
Grading companyHarbor Pictures
VFXAndy Delaney
CommissionerMichael Webster
LabelCool Thing Records
Other creditsShout Out To Hayley Hill, Michael Webster, Luke Branch And Clementine Talbot.

Rob Ulitski - 4th Feb 2020

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