David Knight - 12th Dec 2019

Jade Deshayes' lovely video for Moroccan singer-songwriter Meryem Aboulouafa is an impressionistic retelling of an age-old myth that takes the songtitle, Breath Of Roma, as its inspiration.

Deshayes' recreates the tale of Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of Rome, as a human drama - two brothers who are closely bonded by the sudden disappearance of their mother (a wolf), are entirely dependent on each other until they are driven apart by the appearance of a mysterious woman, played by Aboulouafa.

The director's faithful treatment of the story is intimate, featuring performances from the actors that are bursting with physicality. Aboulouafa, in Arabic dress and entirely in black, makes a striking impression too. And as the story is so timeless and powerful, for an excellent song, this stands up to repeated viewing.


"The video offers a metaphor about the human condition, its contradictions and its sentimental complexity. This metaphor takes shape through a modern tale inspired by Remus and Romulus, Rome founders’ myth.

"After the mysterious loss of the she-wolf who raised them, the two brothers, who are now men, come back to the place where they spent their childhood, and together, they start their project of building a house. It is a symbol of a life project and an obvious reference to the foundation of Rome.

"An unknown woman - played by Meryem - shows up into their lives. The link to their lost mother appears immediately and the brotherly link starts to crumble.

"Remus and Romulus now face a dilemma: should they follow their instincts and emotions to get closer to their convictions, or protect themselves from the dangers lurking outside by rejecting their feelings, thus leading to their doom?

"Each character, like symbols, represents different stages of life and of reflection: Romulus stands for torment and life, Remus for conviction and death, and Meryem for wisdom and reincarnation."

PRO Credits


DirectorJade Deshayes
ProducerCamille Richardeau
Production CompanyLa Pac
Executive ProducerCharlène Richardeau
Director of PhotographyJacob Møller
WardrobeMaud Dupuy
EditorDelphine Genest
ColouristArthur Paux
Post production companyLa Pac
VFXKorentin Le Gallou
CommissionerManu Barron
LabelSavoir Faire - Animal 63
Other creditsTelnts - Hamza Damra And Kamel Saif

David Knight - 12th Dec 2019

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