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Kawala 'Heavy In The Morning' by Gregg Houston

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019

Gregg Houston captures Kawala on 16mm for the sombre live video for Heavy In The Morning. 

Set in a contained and intimate recording space, the visual is both haunting and nostalgic with an overarching otherworldy vibe. 


"We recently filmed a series of live performances for the gentleman in Kawala. They loved the vibe in Toe Rag Studios and wanted something that complimented the space visually. It felt obvious that this should be my first project with 16mm film. A completely different way of working for me but one that I feel really benefited the project. Working alongside Darren Ladbury again it was a natural decision to incorporate some major zoom lens action that we have utilised in the past.

“Filming four tracks in such a small space is tricky when the band want variety across the series. We tried to keep fresh angles throughout each performance as well as placing the band in different positions. In this one we kept it very simple and introduced a single red light to give a slight eerie vibe and different feel to the rest. It almost feels sci-if to me, like they are performing in studio in space."

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019


  • Director's notes
  • Live
  • Live music video
  • Indie pop

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Gregg Houston
Gregg Houston
Production Company


Director of Photography
Darren Ladbury
Focus Puller
Joshua Bourke
2nd AC
Bulman Arshehit


Gregg Houston
Editing company

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Production Assistant

Ollie Steer



Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019

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