Rob Ulitski - 21st Oct 2019

Fixpen Sill and Lomepal occupate a hallucinatory world in Bye Bye, directed by Ilya & Roman. 

The rappers explore the world in a series of surreal vignettes, crashing a car on the beach, performing in a neon room as their nose bleeds profusely and wondering an arid landscape. Ludovic Zuili elevates the concept with 360 degree spinning camera movements, creating a delirious energy to match the offbeat style.

A scattering of VFX in the final minute of the visual take it firmly into the realm of the bizarre, and it works perfectly. A fine piece of work, and looks like we will be seeing more from Ilya & Roman in the future. 


DirectorIlya & Roman
ProducerAdam Ouaddah
Executive ProducerJulie Mathieu
Director of PhotographyLudovic Zuili
Focus PullerJust- Aurèle Meissionnier
2nd ACLucas Henriette
GafferRaphaël Bolivar
Make-upJulie Larher
ColouristArthur Paux

Rob Ulitski - 21st Oct 2019

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