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Agoria 'Call Of The Wild' by Loïc Andrieu

Ned Botwood - 26th Sept 2019

In this astonishing video for Agoria, a police thriller takes an alarming left turn into the supernatural, as director Loïc Andrieu sets the new standard for genre videos.

The video follows a rookie L.A.P.D officer on her first graveyard shift. Jane, played with unbearably composed anxiety by Fleur Geffrier (Elle, The Chalet), has a secret. Patrolling the dark city with her mentor, she tries to ignore rattling premonitions that something bad is happening all around her. When, at four in the morning, she gets a 911 callout, she stumbles into a trap set just for her. And she comes face to face with death itself.

Andreiu explains his symbolism: “Call of the wild is a female Orpheus myth. Death is the ultimate Pandora box. Dealing with it calls us to face inherent fears over the ‘unknown’. Jane breaks these boundaries and unveils the mysteries of the antechamber of death. Not dead yet, but no longer alive."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Andrieu developed this video as part of an upcoming feature-length project. His music videos are singularly impressive. The director specialises in a grandiose blend of character drama and apocalyptic sci-fi, a sensibility somewhere between Drive and Stranger Things. This video, as well as his celebrated clip for The End by KCPK, recall the work of fellow Parisians Luc Besson and Leos Carax. Which makes sense. Andrieu learned his craft collaborating with both directors, as a steadicam operator on Holy Motors and Angel-A.

Call of the Wild was shot by Simon Chaudoir, the superlative DoP behind Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy (Chris Cunningham), DIESEL’s award-winning Go With The Flaw campaign, and more recently, Liam Gallagher’s Shockwave (Francois Rousselet).

Ned Botwood - 26th Sept 2019


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Loïc Andrieu
Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman
Production Company
Soldats Films
1st AD
Manuel Roman


Director of Photography
Simon Chaudoir
Focus Puller
Maud Cyrano
Focus Puller
Vincent Toubel
2nd AC
Rogelio Mosqueda
2nd AC
Dusty Saunders


Michael Monod
Joel Gill


Art Director
Loïc Andrieu


Lead actor
Fleur Geffrier


Mathieu Caplanne
Grading company


Post production company
Post Producer
Loundja Oussana


Director's Representation
Soldats Films


Christian De Rosnay

Other credits

VFX artists

Adrien Lepineau, Stephen Plongeon, Xavier Verdier, Marion Guichenuy, Geoffrey Pons, Olivier Masson, Matthieu Destrade, Marc Latil, Benoit Messager, Johan Roche, Gaetan Bailleul, Thierry Bonneau, Mathieu Plessi, Alexis Bailla, Toufik Mekbel, Walid Ben Hend


Carl Crupud, Sean Roc Smith, Ron Guilbert, Christianno Chavez, Sam Ingraffia

Ned Botwood - 26th Sept 2019

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