Rob Ulitski - 24th Sept 2019

Hak Baker tackles male depression in the video for Grief Eyes, in his second collaboration with Will Robson-Scott. 

Raw and honest in its execution, the video is largely made up of lo-fi, vlog style footage, depicting Hak and his friends in their day-to-day lives, smoking, drinking and helping out elderly neighbours at home. The naturalistic approach to shooting helps get straight to the truth of the concept, showing the vulnerable side to these men, and visualising the thoughts and issues that have been kept quiet, out of fear of looking weak. 

Emotion is laid bare throughout the video, and the juxtaposition of Hak and friends enjoying themselves without a care in the world makes the issue hit home even more- although we often put up a front that we are okay, life is complex and everchanging, and we need to be able to talk about these issues openly. 

Poignant and true to life, the performances are as natural as they come, and the understated action in the few actual performance scenes helps keep the focus on the overarching narrative and concept. 

PRO Credits


DirectorWill Robson-Scott
ProducerGloria Bowman
ProducerHak Baker
ProducerWill Robson-Scott
Executive ProducerSaskia Whinney
Director of PhotographyWill Robson-Scott
EditorPaco Sweetman
ColouristTim Smith
Lead actorHak Baker
Other creditsGrade Producer: Olivia Jessop, Sound Design: Pete Duffy

Rob Ulitski - 24th Sept 2019

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