Rob Ulitski - 2nd Aug 2019

Indy Hait creates a mesmerizing performance video for Lola Marsh, with multiplying ghosting effects – all shot in camera without using VFX.

Lead vocalist Yael and guitarist Gil face off as they perform, each joined by several copies of themselves, creating a trippy visual you won't be able to take your eyes away from.

The promo was shot entirely on 16mm, on location in Kiev. Influenced by 1970's filmmaking and dance offs from films like Pulp Fiction, it's beautifully constructed and choreographed: seven dancers line up behind Yael and Gil, who look and move exactly like them. The effect is to show the passage of time, past and present, in a single shot, as if it's an infinite dance.

"The band got very excited about the idea," says Hait. "So we had to find a way to nail each scene even on a Super 16 format. So it clearly had its challenges!"

Watch 'Lola Marsh 'Echoes' by Indy Hait' here


DirectorIndy Hait
ProducerPavel Buryak
ProducerKaterina Nefeld
Director of PhotographyIndy Hait
WardrobeMargarita Shekel
Make-upMariya Chukalova
EditorIndy Hait
VFXIndy Hait
Director's RepresentationJoyrider

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Aug 2019

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