Rob Ulitski - 1st Aug 2019

New Jersey Native 070 Shake returns with the stunning video directed by Noah Lee. Depicting a slow moving magical passage through time, life and death, the video is ethereal and poignant, making clever use of a blocked-off tunnel and the resulting traffic.

Through the lens of a voyeuristic camera, we explore each of the vehicles one by one, taking in a brief vignette of the characters and situations. Captured largely in one shot, the fluid movement parallels the passage of time, staying at the same pace, despite the calm or frantic scenarios unfolding in front of the camera. 

Shake's performance begins halfway through the video - at first sat behind the wheel of a car, and then akwardly spread across a van adorned with flowers. In the latter 'post-crash' scene, she is disturbingly lifeless, only her lips moving. And she is the reason for the stalled traffic.

The video takes increasingly surreal turns, jumping into 4x3, and focuses on a small camera crew who are capturing the event and filming her lifeless body. Lensed beautifully by Chris Ripley, Lee's video is a brilliantly directed and produced tour de force. Not quite a daydream or a nightmare, more a haunting mix of both. 

PRO Credits


DirectorNoah Lee
ProducerJared Lundy @ Checkmate Films
Production CompanyNoco
Executive ProducerJean Mougin
Director of PhotographyChris Ripley 
Art DirectorAngus Bernsen 
Art DirectorTyler Evans
Wardrobe jordan Henderson 
Wardrobe peri Rosenzweig
Make-upHolly Silius
ColouristKaitlyn Battistelli
VFXAndrew Finch
Lead actorHarperslate
Director's RepresentationLaura Jones @ Representt

Rob Ulitski - 1st Aug 2019

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