Promonews - 18th July 2019

Niall Trask's new video is sleazy, psychedelic, and it may give you a headache. So put your RayBans on, and strap yourselves in.

Trask doesn't spare the old school tube TV FX for this colour riot for Sworn Virgins's Lazer Beam. It's weapons grade, and that's definitely a good thing.

PRO Credits


DirectorNiall Trask
ProducerNiall Trask
Director of PhotographyMorris Jar
EditorNiall Trask
VFXStephen Dewaele
VFXDavid Dewaele
CommissionerDouglas J Mackinlay
Other creditsCast: Clams Baker Jr, The Witherer Aka Little Whiskers, Joni Green, Posthuman

Promonews - 18th July 2019

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