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Hot Chip 'Melody Of Love' by Nima Nourizadeh

Promonews - 30th May 2019

Nima Nourizadeh makes a rare return to music videos, teaming up once again with Hot Chip - with whom he first achieved great things - to create a distinctive take on the range of human emotion for Melody Of Love.

It starts with Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor's near-disembodied head in a mirrored box, altered by lighting changes. Taylor's bandmates faces then appear merging into each other, and then a much bigger cast start to be introduced. These heads appear in a box, constantly changing and offering a kind of live-action animation of emotion. It's an intense experience, reflects the depth of feeling within this lovely song.

This very much feels like a close collaboration between the band and Nourizadeh, who directed Hot Chip's legendary Over And Over video back in 2006, and many other great Noughties videos, before heading for Hollywood, directing Project X and American Ultra.   

Nourizadeh worked with UNIT Studios VFX team, led by creative director Pete Rystra, carried out all head replacement, cosmetic clean up and colour balancing in the video, while UNIT's creative director of colour Denny Cooper added a low key grade that married with Nima’s backlog of work with the band, keeping everything as naturalistic as possible.

“We were thrilled to be able to work on this spot with Nima," says UNIT Studios' executive producer Bumble Davis. "Hot Chip are artists that have a lot of love with our team, and combined with directing talent such as Nima’s meant it was a very easy decision to jump in on this one. The VFX team that had to work round the clock to carry out all the huge amount of 2D work in such tight timings. All those involved were so passionate about the project that they even spilled in to their free time to bring it to life against the clock. 

"Nima was an absolute delight to work with - affable and relaxed, with a very clear vision of exactly what we needed to do, coupled with extraordinary attention to detail aptly seen in this memorable video.”

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Promonews - 30th May 2019


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Nima Nourizadeh
Siobhán Daly
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sara Flood
1st AD
Ben Gill


Director of Photography
Ben Magahy
Focus Puller
Ben Worthington


Production designer
Ollie Hogan


Dan Sherwin
Editing company


Denny Cooper


Post production company


Director's Rep (UK)

Other credits

Production Assistant

Adam Clements


Eleri Shone, Frits Ryder

Clapper Loader

Sam Taylor


Matthew Hicks

Sound Playback

Roger Cutting

Video Playback

Alex Bates

Bolt Technician

Ladislav Moulis

Bolt Assistant

James Gillett


Bruce Magahy


Ben Skyrme

Desk Op

Andy Walton

SFX Supervisor

Dean Rowson

Hair & Make-Up Stylist

Jessica Summer

Hair & Make-Up Assistant

Emily Engleman


Andy Willers

Edit Assistant

Matt Gabzdyl

Creative Director 2D

Pete Rypstra

VFX Artist

Scott Ryan

VFX Artist

Milo Patterson

VFX Artist

Richard Greenwood

VFX Artist

Tom Clapp

VFX Artist

Tiago Pereira


Joanna Papayianni

Executive Producer

Bumble Davis


Jamiel Wayne Jackson, Linda Telek, Leigh Priscilla, Sophie Naziris, Sara Exall, Amy Poncher,

Rain Nourizadeh, Leo, Lisa Ziven, Simon Dargan, Ennis, Kaylie Schiff, Michelle Pobar, Miquelle

McCarthy, Ali Mobasser, William Overstall, Simon Owens, Steve Hagon, Huse Monfaradi, Ben Crook,

Sian Ahern, Nick Forgacs, Alexis Burgess, Sara Flood, Prudence Taylor

Promonews - 30th May 2019

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