Promo News - 7th May 2019

An impressive debut video by Isaac Crutchley, who manipulates printed-out video images for Joe Connor Little. 

Crutchley augments his staick of printed paper with animation, and creates subtle and rather sinister collages as he explores a state of anxiety and loneliness, to reflect the quiet desperation at the heart of Connor Little's song Ordinary.


"The film I have created consists of over 1000 individual collages and hand drawn printed out frames. It follows the introspective artist lost in his thoughts and head. The physical barrier I created through the medium of print was used to distance the viewer from the artist and add a creative and different approach to being an observer on moments that are ordinarily confined to someones personal space and rarely seen. 

"I wanted to create an aesthetic than was different and original, yet something that worked alongside the song. The footage and animations are created from stories the artist told me about some of his thoughts, daydreams and dreams."


DirectorIsaac Crutchley
ProducerIsaac Crutchley
Director of PhotographyHenry Phipps
Art DirectorIsaac Crutchley
EditorIsaac Crutchley

Promo News - 7th May 2019

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