David Knight - 15th Apr 2019

Daniel Regan's epic video for Caleb Steph gets to the heart of an African-American community, and the cycle of gang violence that leads to tragedy.

Regan opts to view this crisis - which has obvious echoes in the UK - entirely from the family perspective, with the story of a young man who is from a stable loving background, with a devoted younger brother, who nevertheless feels it necessary to arm himself.

What makes this portrait so effective is the realistic performances, and gorgeous black and white cinematography by Corey C Waters. It is also a substantial work of direction by Daniel Regan.


“I instantly connected with Caleb’s lyrics and message; it spoke to me on a personal level – having grown up myself in a gang heavy environment – and I felt strongly about bringing his story to another level visually.

“Black Boy is an echo of a larger problem, that of gun violence, and a call to attention on a sad subject about a harsh reality of where we are as a society and as humans.”

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Regan
ProducerDaniel Yaro
Production CompanyNorth Of Now
Production CompanyHALAL
ColouristRuth Wardell
Production ManagerMike Minahan
Focus PullerEmily Herold
Executive ProducerSara Nix
EditorSofia Kerpan
Director of PhotographyCorey C Waters
Grading companyElectric Theatre
CommissionerEd Blow
CommissionerJon Moore
LabelDirty Hit
GafferJared Freeman
Other creditsKey Grip - Chris Grigs Steadicam - Scott Stafford DIT/PA - Jerry Carnation Title Design - Circus Family Sound - Sharkee @ Haai Faai Deluxe

David Knight - 15th Apr 2019

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