Lassamie Prasimay - 18th Feb 2019

This stunning short by Antoine Levi for Anglo- Egyptian electronica duo San Zhi, was shot in Varanasi, India, documenting the journey of a boy following the steps of a traditional funeral ceremony.

Directed by Antione Levi and shot by Romain Alary, the ethereal yet sombre feel of the track is reflected in black and white tones, depicting the solemn ritual taking place. What is most striking of all perhaps are the close ups of the featured characters; moving portraits, each stare at the camera calling the viewer to bear witness to the scene.


DirectorAntoine Levi
ProducerRomain Alary
ProducerAntoine Levi
Director of PhotographyRomain Alary
Focus PullerEtienne Burguy
EditorManuel Coutant
ColouristScott Harris
Post production companyGlassworks

Lassamie Prasimay - 18th Feb 2019

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