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Leningrad 'Gold' by Lado Kvataniya

David Knight - 16th Jan 2019

Following the high benchmark set by Ilya Naishuller with the previous ones, the latest video for Russian band Leningrad just happens to be another breathtaking tour de force - extravagantly creative, brilliantly realised and, as tradition demands, outrageously, eye-wateringly violent.

For Gold - which is produced by Naishuller, and written and directed by another precocious talent, the Moscow-based director Lado Kvataniya – a beautiful girl is under questioning by two cops, and recounting her exploits - as a shape-shifting vampire who feasts on gold and gems, leaving mindboggling levels of bloody slaughter in her wake.

And she not only tells of the incidents at a casino stuffed with rich pickings, and driving around with a Saudi prince in his gold Rolls Royce, she brings them right into the interrogation room - and that includes an out of control Roller crashing through the wall.

This brilliant and disorientating device arguably makes this one of the best of the Leningrad vids. And certainly the astonishing VFX work in the video once again makes this looks like it was produced on a budget that wouldn't shame a Hollywood blockbuster. A really really violent one.

Directors Notes


David Knight - 16th Jan 2019


  • Mature - NSFW
  • Narrative
  • Pick of the Day
  • VFX

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Lado Kvataniya
Ilya Naishuller
Ekaterina Kononenko
Ruben Adamyan
Production Company
Versus Pictures
Executive Producer
Egor Solomatin
1st AD
Alexei Smoliar


Director of Photography
Andrey Krauzov


Production designer
Dmitriy Onishenko


Costume designer
Anna Kudevich
Hair & Make-up
Anastasiya Ramlya


Lead actor
Snezhana Samokhina


Vlad Yakunin


Jamie O'Bradovich


VFX Supervisor
Alexey Uskov

Other credits

Starring | Snezhana Samokhina, Semen Litvinov,

Sergei Dolgotovich, Kadir Saidharun

2nd Unit DOP | Anatol Trofimov

Casting | Margo Sayapina

1AC | Alex Budarin

2AC | Sergey Ivanov Andrey Babich

Set Decorator | Denis Nikolaenko

Sound design | Aleksander Kopeikin

Property Master | Alexander Kucheriavyi (Rastabike)

Assistant Property Master | Xenia Levina

Prop Buyer | Alex Yandovskiy

Gaffer | Pavel Brukh

Costume Supervisor | Boris Kukolkin

Costumer | Jessica Popovich

Production Manager | Dmitriy Dimchevski

Unit Production Manager | Mikhail Goglov

VFX Supervisor | Alexey Uskov

VFX Producers | Ekaterina Averina Alexander Gorokhov |

On-set Supervisor | Evgeny Lesnichenko

Production Assistants | Egor Larichkin, Aleksander Zhukov,

Vadim Vihruk, Alex Shumlyanskiy

SFX Supervisor | Evgeniy Sorokin

SFX Set key | Maxim Sorokin

Dolly Grip | Vasiliy Chesnokov

Steadicam | Sergey Popkov

Photographers | Igor Klepnev, Dima Chorniy, Nikita Kvataniya

Backstage operator | Evgeniy Seliverstov

Stunt coordinator | Valeriy Derkach

Special Thanks | Alina Rossiyskaya

Versus Pictures In association with Hype Film, Daddys film, CGF


David Knight - 16th Jan 2019

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