Promo News - 16th Jan 2019

Boy George, Rankin and creative director Mark Whelan have teamed up to create a video for the music icon’s newest track, the soulful Life. And while George undergoes numerous costume changes under Rankin's famous ringlights, the big surprise comes when he strips off the make-up, and his hat, and reveals the real man underneath.

It's an appropriate moment for a song which is all about stripping away the artifice to reveal true feelings of the heart. The sentiments come through with the assiatnce of hand-animation around the live action. And it demonstrates that George is always a compelling figure that demands your attention, whether in full warpaint and outfit or not.  


Creative DirectorMark Whelan
ProducerUgne Ciesiunaite
Production CompanyRankin Film
Executive ProducerBeth Montague
Director of PhotographyAndreas Neo
1st ADJames Sharpe
Make-upChristine Bateman
HairHamilton Stansfield
Production designerMarco Turcich
EditorGareth Phillips
EditorManuel Molla
EditorRob Shipster
ColouristAlan Mahon
FlameGrant Mckean
AnimatorNatalia Lucia

Promo News - 16th Jan 2019

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