Promo News - 14th Jan 2019

Boston hip hop artist Prophet undertakes a covert mission to gain supernatural power in Jonah Philip Kaplan's video for R.U.N.


Focus PullerDrew Chura
DirectorJonah Philip Kaplan
Production CompanyJonah Philip Kaplan Productions
Executive ProducerTrabyn Fisk
Production ManagerJonah Philip Kaplan
1st ADNeale Brown
Director of PhotographyWooho Kim
ProducerGabriela Rosati, Trabyn Fisk, Carie Tang, Rhegan Graham
2nd ACCecilia O'rollins
GafferAlanna Nickles
Art DirectorShelley Jo Gruenberg
WardrobeBrooke Northrup
Make-upBrooke Northrup
EditorJonah Philip Kaplan

Promo News - 14th Jan 2019

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