David Knight - 10th Jan 2019

First came the Eastside video, and then I Found You. Now the third Benny Blanco video by Jake Schreier takes the compelling narrative technique of Eastside and continues it with a new version of Benny and Calvin Harris's I Found You, to tell Nilda's Story. And your heart will be in your mouth.

As with Eastside, the ingenuity of the video is how Jake Schreier turns the subjects of media coverage into human beings, and creates something personal and truthful, in a very straightforward method of 'show and tell'. In this case, the drives directly at the heart of a huge issue in America right now.

In the same way that Eastside did for Blanco and co-star Halsey, Schreier reveals Nilda's personal history, the formative moments of her life - not that different to the pop stars in some ways, but very different in others. And he explains why she was compelled to leave her home in Honduras, to attempt the hugely dangerous journey through Central America to illegally enter the United States, with her young son Kayden. And then the traumatic ordeal that ensued after that, involving the removal of the child from his mother.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, there is a real purpose behind this hugely impressive, exceptionally timely and inspirational work. The artists and director are drawing viewers' attention to the While They Wait Fund, to help illegal immigrants to the US with basic amenities and legal services to help them fight their case to stay in the US. 

PRO Credits


DirectorJake Schreier
ProducerMichelle Currinder
Executive ProducerJackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive ProducerAlex Fisch
Director of PhotographyAdam Newport-Berra
ColouristMikey Rossiter
Grading companyThe Mill
Other creditsThank You: Scott Hechinger / Brooklyn Defender Services, Jancarlo Beck, Bettina Ávila, Alicia Espinoza, Susana Hornil, Areli Quirarte, Ben Botts, Artjail

David Knight - 10th Jan 2019

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