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Paul McCartney 'Who Cares' by Brantley Gutierrez & Ryan Heffington

David Knight - 19th Dec 2018

Sir Paul serves up an all-singing, all-dancing Christmastime treat, starring the delightful Emma Stone and Macca himself, and courtesy of a co-directing collaboration between Brantley Gutierrez and Ryan Heffington.

It starts as a disgruntled-looking Ms Stone arrives at her appointment with the mysterious Dr Lorenz - played by McCartney. In truth this dialogue-filled opening is a reminder that McCartney's incredible talent does not in any way extend to acting. But this is a just a device for the 'Behavioural Hynotist and Meteorologist' to mesmerize the unhappy Stone into transforming into the astonished lead of a marvellous musical production number for Who Cares.

It's choreographed by Heffington, of course, creating a Silent Era-inspired choreography to go with the black and white palette of the song and dance routine. Stone is marvellous - and Macca is a lot more comfortable performing the song than delivering lines of dialogue.

Through it all comes an important anti-bullying message, as Macca answers the rhetorical question of the songtitle with "I do". The sentiment is bang on for the time of year - and all year long. To be enjoyed long after we've packed away the tinsel.

David Knight - 19th Dec 2018


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Paul McCartney & Emma Stone Executive Producers

David Knight - 19th Dec 2018

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