Promo News - 17th Oct 2018

For their latest video for John Grant, Casey + Ewan (aka Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond) have called in some help - eleven super-talented cutting edge animators. Some with great names like Jimmy Screamerclauz and Kokofreakbean.

Together with Jones Morris and Raymond, each animator has given Grant's performance of the characteristically snarky He's Got His Mother's Hips their own distinctive graphic stamp. The result is an cutting-edge mosaic of visual styles and different animation techniques, all connected by Grant's unmistakeable bearded visage (unmistakeable, that is, unless you think he's Father John Misty).

It's a similarly diverse approach to the one that Casey + Ewan employed with their MVA-winning video for Leftfield & Sleaford Mods a couple of years ago - but even more diverse. Once again, their own dark humour pops shines through parade of the sublime visuals. 


DirectorCasey Raymond
DirectorEwan Jones Morris
ProducerCasey & Ewan
AnimatorAngela Stempel
AnimatorAnna Mantzaris
AnimatorBenjamin Portas
AnimatorCasey Raymond
AnimatorCheng-Hsu Chung
AnimatorEwan Jones Morris
AnimatorGabriel Mangold
AnimatorGyuri Cloe Lee
AnimatorJimmy Screamerclauz
AnimatorLinyou Xie
AnimatorThu Tran
LabelBella Union

Promo News - 17th Oct 2018

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