Emma K - 26th July 2018

Aaron Bevan-Bailey’s video for Neil Thomas is shot entirely from the point of view of a cynical young man who must relive the same day of 'Schoolboy Errors' over and over until he gets it right!

Shot in London with the help of a GoPro Fusion 360 camera, this has a distinct Groundhog Day vibe to it and pretty much the ideal accompaniment to the upbeat, lighthearted track.


DirectorAaron Bevan-bailey
ProducerOliver Barron
Production CompanyBenjifilm
HairElena Diaz
Make-upElena Diaz
EditorJames Maple
Lead actorJasper Levine, Paulina Keller, Nathanael Wiseman, Jamie Pigott, Craig Crosbie, Ian Mccurrach, Amanda Bray
LabelWarner Music

Emma K - 26th July 2018

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