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Dita Von Teese ft Sébastien Tellier 'A Musical Film' by David Wilson

David Knight - 2nd July 2018

Dita Von Teese, Sébastien Tellier and David Wilson looks like a threesome made in heaven - and so it proves.

The leading lady of Burlesque has got together with the most amorous man in French alt-pop to create the eponymously-titled LP Dita Von Teese. Wilson's 'Musical Film' - which includes two full tracks from the album and clips from a couple of others - makes the most of the surprising chemistry between them, and the sheer visual contrast between her beautifully crafted artifice and his rough hewed hairiness.

A delightful soufflé of romance, glamour, fantasy and sauciness - with it's tongue firmly in its cheek. Eight minutes just flies by...  


"The brief was to make a short film that would represent the album and this unique collaboration of Dita and Sebastien. I knew this was an album which will never be toured, and so the task of capturing Dita and Sebastien together was an extra exciting prospect.

"We all agreed that aiming for the film to live around a 10 minute length felt like a nice, substantial length. Within that time we wanted to represent the variety of music that’s found on the album whilst retaining a flow. After conceiving multiple scripts and set lists, we ended on a run of four songs, with Sparkling Rain and Fevers & Candies being the two key pieces.

"The tone of the imagery was sparked from the beautiful album artwork. It felt so important for all visual representation of this album to sit together as one whole. The 80s tone fused with classic 50s Hollywood made perfect sense together. I loved the pastel colour pallet: something that runs throughout the whole piece.

"One of my favourite parts of the script development was fusing an emotive, romantic imagery with Sebastien’s humour. The microscope, the drawing scene, the bubbles, the swing, all came from Sebastien’s brain: an inspired direction that both myself and Dita were all too happy to entertain!

"We were very excited to have Jacqui Getty on board on styling duties to collaborate with Dita on pulling outfits from Dita’s personal collection. Every piece being more beautiful than the next. The Ukrainian folk dress being a personal favourite.

"It was a pure joy to create and conceive this film, both with the music and with Dita and Sebastien as people on set and as creative energies. I love it when the tone of what it was like to be on set shines through in the final film. Dita and Sebastien just adore, admire and respect each other so much, and it’s beautiful to have captured how much they enjoyed being together on film.”

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David Knight - 2nd July 2018


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David Knight - 2nd July 2018

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