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Ed Sheeran ft. Andrea Bocelli 'Perfect Symphony' (live at Wembley Stadium) by Jamie Carter

Promonews - 29th June 2018

Jamie Carter captured the moment at one of Ed Sheeran's recent shows at Wembley Stadium where he welcomed Andrea Bocelli to the stage, to co-perform Perfect Symphony in concert for the first time.

It's a fine document of Sheeran's stagecraft and his and Bocelli's absolute command of the vast audience, with a terrific sense of a special happening on a summer night in London.  


"Shooting this show, I didn’t want to get caught up in the over-the-top nature of what a stadium shoot usually brings. People often focus too much on gimmicks, bits of tech that aren’t required and a crew of too many - losing the punch and dynamism from their edit. 
I wanted to use the style of the more fan-led, intimate-feel pieces that I’ve created through the years and translate this to a stadium venue.

"Working closely with Liam White (DoP) to position our operators to capture the link between the fans and the sound, a dynamic range of 'Ed shots', whilst also trying to capture punchy wides to show the size and scale of what was being captured, I think we got the balance between scale and intimacy spot on.

"A huge thanks to all the crew who performed at the highest level for the full two hour show, and to Stuart Camp and Gabrielle Cawthorne for bringing our team onboard to capture this brilliant moment."

Promonews - 29th June 2018


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Jamie Carter
Vicky Smith
Production Company
The Firepit
Executive Producer
William Nichols
Executive Producer
James Roberts


Director of Photography
Liam White


Jamie Carter
Editing company
The Firepit


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill



Other credits


Bud Gallimore

Camera Ops

Luke Thomas, Henry Dean, Peter Cadman, Donny Johnson, Aaron Kyle, PJ Lucas, Simon Kennedy, Jaspar Davis

Screen Cameras Provided By Phil Meade

Kit Company

Focus 24

Focus Puller

Zach Levi-Rodgers


Oliver Martin


Sam Fullerton

Promonews - 29th June 2018

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