David Knight - 16th Mar 2018

After tickling the fancies of hipsters for years, postmodern CGI properly hits the mainstream with Elliot Sellers and Erik Ferguson's enjoyably demented trip through Lil Jon, Offset and 2 Chainz's Alive.

It's a surrealist dream that explores the world of excess and luxury that rappers live in. And sure, it uses the similar FX effects, created by VFX artist Ferguson, that you hipsters saw in videos like Shy Luv's Shock Horror. But now it's reaching a whole new audience...

PRO Credits


DirectorElliott Sellers
DirectorErik Ferguson
ProducerJason Cole
ProducerDanielle Hinde
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Executive ProducerJason Cole
AnimatorErik Ferguson
Director's RepresentationReprobates
CommissionerMark Bridges

David Knight - 16th Mar 2018

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