Lassamie Prasimay - 3rd Jan 2018

A lone figure steps within a ring of youths. As she suddenly breaks into dance, she triggers a fight between those surrounding her. She is unfazed however, as if she is controlling this manic scrambling through her slow but steady movements. As a result, she remains the last one standing amidst the scattered bodies, which are framed in a beautiful overhead shot. 

As the title of the song indicates, the "warrior" leads the main narrative in this futuristic music video directed by Alberto Blanco. Dispersed throughout the clip are scenes of unity and stillness which counteract the slow motion brutality caused by "la guerrera" : a neon lit basketball game and players captured through some VR headsets make the viewer question whether this portrayed dimension is even real.


DirectorAlberto Blanco
ProducerJuan Bascón
Production CompanyBLUR Films
Executive ProducerPablo García-acón
Production ManagerAlberto Saavedra
1st ADYago
Director of PhotographyOctavio Arias
Focus PullerMario Pérez
2nd ACSergio Andrés Montero
GafferMarcos Villarreal
Art DirectorIdoia Esteban
WardrobeZaida Rodríguez
HairManuela Romero
Make-upManuela Romero
EditorRocío Pérez
Editing companyBLUR Films
ColouristMarc Morató
Post ProducerMarisa Mesonero
VFXDavid Pérez
Lead actorLane Casting

Lassamie Prasimay - 3rd Jan 2018

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