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Tobi Sunmola 'Never Forget Were Here/ Tales From The East' by Luke Logan

David Knight - 17th Aug 2017

Luke Logan's two-song video for Tobi Sunmola is minimal and atmospheric showcase for the young Manchester rapper, who assumes different personas in a night-time forest setting.   


"With this film I really wanted to explore the concept of the neverending search for a sense of self, the idea that our characters evolve so quickly throughout our life that we never catch up with knowing who we really are, even if we think we have.

"We see Tobi chased through his mind, intent on finding a sense of self but hunted down by his previous false dawns, ultimately to be caught by them and become just another moment in time where he was fooled into thinking he had achieved a fully formed sense of his own character.

"Whilst the narrative is very abstract, I still wanted the film to be energetic and easy to watch on a purely aesthetic level. It's only in the second chapter that the camera starts to slow, by which time Tobi's performance and the fire have added the necessary dynamism."

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David Knight - 17th Aug 2017


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Luke Logan
Maddie Penfold
Production Company
Foundry Film Studios


Director of Photography
James Oldham



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Sound Design

Bent Ear

David Knight - 17th Aug 2017

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