David Knight - 10th Aug 2017

Taz Tron Delix's latest video is another awesome display of virtuosity, this time for London-based rap trio Strangelove.

Their track Lonely Souls expresses the anxiety and anguish of life in a big city, and Delix uses each line of the lyrical flow as the jumping-off point for a bombardment of impressionistic imagery. It's diverse and, as with much of the director's work, distinctively surreal. But this one is also grounded in a sense of disquieting, growing horror. Like a waking bad dream, but one to return to again and again.

• Premiered at DUMMY

PRO Credits


DirectorTaz Tron Delix
ProducerKiran Mandla
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerKiran Mandla

David Knight - 10th Aug 2017

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