Luke Bather - 12th July 2017

It's always nice to dream, right? Sometimes you walk down a street and project all of your ambitions onto it. Thousands of people are probably doing it right now. Well, Philip Andelman pits dreams against reality in his video for Major Lazer.

The kid in Andelman's clip for Know No Better dreams of fame, fortune, celebrity pals, the dream girl - the whole package, basically. We see his dream scenario cut against its miserable real-world parallel – which is tragic in places. But some ambitions are strong enough to be willed into existence.


DirectorPhilip Andelman
ProducerJosh Goldstein
Production CompanyHappy Street
Executive ProducerJeff Pantaleo
Production ManagerJeremiah Zazueta
1st ADMichael Alperts
Director of PhotographyStarr Whitesides
Art DirectorEmma Rose Mead
EditorMarco Perez
Editing companyUnion Editorial / Los Angeles
ColouristEmiliano Serantoni Vfx
Director's RepresentationHart Represents
CommissionerKate Miller
LabelMad Decent

Luke Bather - 12th July 2017

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