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Nacho Scola 'Rush' by Karni & Saul

Luke Bather - 27th June 2017

The Mushroom King spreads his spores in Karni & Saul's tender clip for Nacho Scola.

Using anthropomorphised fungus as a metaphor for the sensual act of human procreation isn't what you'd normally link with a sweet, warm acoustic number - but then you're probably not Karni & Saul. They look at things a little differently than you or I - as proved in their Berlin MVA-winning, Vimeo Staff Pick-getting winter wonderland on a kitchen table video for Katie Melua proved. This clip takes that whimsy in the overlooked one step further - with a couple out on a woodland stroll being watched with romantic admiration from the exquisitely designed and animated mushroom king.


"This music video is about the longevity of love. Touching loosely on procreation in humans and nature. Spores and metaphorical sperm galore.
Mushroom king rules in the natural world... Inspired by forest walks in between mushrooms, Miyazaki, and the lyrics.

"We do love some mushroom fantasy porn :) They are so beautiful, complex, and mysterious like humans!"

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Luke Bather - 27th June 2017


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  • Alternative, Folk, Indie
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Karni & Saul


Karni & Saul


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Luke Bather - 27th June 2017

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