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Phoenix 'J-Boy' by Warren Fu & Omer Ganai

Luke Bather - 15th May 2017

Phoenix are back and doing the European chat show circuit in Warren Fu and Omer Ganai's shining, analogue performance clip.

The fictional show Ti Amo Speciale,  named for the new Phoenix album Ti Amo, sees them perform in a mirror pyramid, complete with incredible lighting and visuals. The analogue formats used to shoot make for a blinding, hazy throwback visual style and the way the video abruptly cuts out just as the band sit down for a post-performance chat is a nice touch, too - as if digging through old tape archives years in the future you find this snippet of a show you don't really remember. And before you get chance to fully remember it, it's gone again forever.

Luke Bather - 15th May 2017


  • Performance
  • Alternative, Electronica, Alt-Pop
  • TV show
  • Italian TV

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Warren Fu
Omer Ganai
Laura Jones
Haley Moffett
Jona Ward
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Luke Bather - 15th May 2017

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