Luke Bather - 27th Apr 2017

Modu Sesay shoots a run-and-gun scene on the streets of Morocco for Claptone.

A hooded figure wanders the hot Moroccan streets, looking incredibly out of place. In and out of the market stalls searching for objects of interest and carefully selecting only the perfect ones. What for? Why, a fireside ritual of course!

The figure casts the objects into the flames before unmasking herself to dance ritualistically in the midnight flames.

PRO Credits


DirectorModu Sesay
ProducerRussell Crank
Executive ProducerJuliette Larthe
Director of PhotographyToby Leary
EditorModu Sesay
ColouristJohn Layton
Lead actorKaterina Ioannidou
Other creditsHead Of Production Hannah May Production Coordinator Laura Thomas-Smith Local Fixer Simo Sgh

Luke Bather - 27th Apr 2017

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