Luke Bather - 10th Apr 2017

Lacey Duke and Bosco collaborate on this gorgeous celebration of Women and Atlanta from a fresh perspective.

Determined to show a side of Atlanta that's rarely celebrated in music videos, the lush-looking 16mm clip embraces a very 90s vibe, whilst still keeping its feet firmly in the present.

With most of the performances shot from a low angle, we see a new perspective on the beauty of the architecture, but also we're made very aware that the women we're watching are very much in charge. A wonderful, stylish and brilliantly DIY aesthetic.


"Bosco is a creative force, a graphic designer, recording artist and owner of her own creative agency, SLUG. She’s got great taste and she’s one of my favoUrite people in Atlanta. I knew working with her was going to be a dream because we both care so much about beauty and aesthetic. She came to me with a few ideas and really wanted me to flesh them out and give her direction. She even had locations of interest in mind. We spent some time being creative, bouncing ideas back and forth, developing, somewhat of a rare opportunity in music video land.

"We really wanted to show a different side of Atlanta, one that was dreamy, soft and beautiful, an alternative to the usual strip club or project housing setting. We wanted to capture beauty in plain sight. One of our locations was the tag office in downtown ATL, a stunning architectural gem with its 90’s flair, pretty turquoise beams, and massive palm trees. It has a Miami Vice feel, but it’s definitely just the place where one gets their license plate renewed.

"Personally, I wanted to cut the video in a different way too, not your typical seizure-inducing, effects-heavy approach. I wanted it to feel like what you were seeing was coming straight out of the camera - DIY, handmade. My art director Paula Cuevas did an amazing job pulling resources together and giving it that organic feel. Shooting on 16mm film was my DP Kristian Zuniga’s suggestion. He recently purchased a 16mm camera and wanted to experiment, I was super happy that we were able to pull that off given our small budget.

"Bosco invited St. Beauty to be on the record because she wanted to it be a female anthem of sorts, focused on unity between women during times of struggle. I wanted the video to reflect that sentiment but in a more experimental way. I wanted the women to be intrinsically connected throughout, whether it be through actual physical interconnection, fashion, mirrored actions and shared experiences. I wanted to physically show that unity.

"Same was true behind the camera, most of the key crew were women. We wanted the eyes and hands of women working on this, we think that’s what gave the video its special touch in the end."

PRO Credits


DirectorLacey Duke
ProducerPaulette Agnes Ang
Production CompanyKode Media
Executive ProducerNathan Killham
Director of PhotographyKristian Zuniga
Focus PullerAustin English
GafferAlex Peterson
Art DirectorPaula Cuevas
Make-upChris Dixon
EditorLacey Duke
ColouristKristian Zuniga
OnlineFelix Geen
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Hunter Whitehead Grip: Carlos Rojas

Luke Bather - 10th Apr 2017

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