Luke Bather - 14th Mar 2017

Noga Erez keeps a watchful eye from high atop a Tel-Aviv rooftop in Hen Makluf's dance video for 'Toy'.

Shrouded in a dark hood whilst the sun beats down on her and backed by two dancers, Erez moves seemingly as though time was not a constraint. Bending time through glitchy edits and stylish stop-start choreography.


DirectorHen Makhluf
Director of PhotographyHen Makhluf
EditorOri Rousso
Art DirectionNoga Erez
ChoreographyWin Joe Bais
ChoreographyAdi Adga
StylistOutside Society
StylistMuslim Brothers
Special ThanksRoei Hazout

Luke Bather - 14th Mar 2017

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