Luke Bather - 8th Mar 2017

Sometimes you love somebody so much that you just want to spend every night committing crimes with them. Sometimes there just happens to be a band playing at every place you commit those crimes. Such is life for the couple in Peter Trifunovic's video for Saint Petersburg.

Starting at a house party and ending at a massive show, we follow the onscreen couple's relationship as their petty thieving grows all the more ambitious and correlates quite nicely with Saint Petersburg's success as a band. Although nobody's suggesting that the two are connected.


"We chart the relationship of the outwardly beautiful but internally despicable Ryan and Emma, whilst also witnessing the rise and progression of the band St Petersburg via their aptly named song 'Lies'. The archetypal journey of the band from house party to large venue provided us with three windows into our leading couple's turbulent relationship, and also afforded us the opportunity to create three very unique looks."


DirectorPeter Trifunovic
ProducerKate Dow
Director of PhotographyBen Saffer
Focus PullerVeronica Keszthelyi
GafferFinn Varney
Art DirectorElly Langlois
Make-upAnne Derbyshire
Lead actorOlivia Winter, Stefan Gumbs

Luke Bather - 8th Mar 2017

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