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TW Walsh 'Monterrey' by Henry Kaplan

Luke Bather - 20th Feb 2017

Henry Kaplan's brilliant video for TW Walsh explores the trials of being a teenager in love in a time before instant communication (in this case, 1992).

Set on the sidelines of an athletics field at the back of an American high school, Kaplan's video follows a young man with a note and a dream. The clip becomes a heartbreakingly sweet study of a kid waiting against all odds on a promise. Plus, the pastel-yellow buildings, shadowplay and the unlikely relationship between the boy and a janitor who takes pity on him turn a novel idea into a lovely narrative short.

HENRY KAPLAN (via Nowness):

“TW released Monterrey as a single long before it appeared on his incredible 2016 album Fruitless Research. I listened to it on repeat probably a million times for several months. I love its feelings of nostalgia and longing; I wanted to co-opt those feelings and apply them to a story about what love was like for kids before cell phones.

“I’m part of the millennial generation that remembers having to remember your friends’ home phone numbers, and actually showing up to places when you said you would - you couldn’t just text people that you’d be late. With this film, I wanted to archive all of that in an emotional, visceral way.” 

Luke Bather - 20th Feb 2017


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Drama
  • Narrative

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Henry Kaplan
Ben Kuller
Production Company
American Painkillers


Director of Photography
Chris Ripley
Focus Puller
Mary Brown, Megan Johnson


Eric Fox


Henry Kaplan


Graveface Records

Luke Bather - 20th Feb 2017

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