Luke Bather - 3rd Nov 2016

Being that Clipping's frontman Daveed Diggs is pretty much tied up with his starring Broadway role in Hamilton, any time he gets to work on Clipping is likely both precious and fleeting. Leave it to Carlos Lopez Estrada to get creative with these restraints. 

This clip sees Diggs simply in a black expanse, occasionally accompanied by similarly dressed acquaintances and a mixture of real-world and CGI set decoration to illustrate the songs lyrical points. As the video progresses the choreography becomes more and more complex, and increasingly the imagery becomes stark. The whole thing plays perfectly into Clipping's wider aesthetic of mainstream hip-hop tropes played out with a bleak, abrasive style.


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerKelli Kay
ChoreographyVoltaire Wade-Greene
Director of PhotographyAlbert Salas
Production designerAnnie Chernecky
EditorAshley Roby
WardrobeNatasha Kutrovacz
Production CompanyDigital Bodega

Luke Bather - 3rd Nov 2016

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