Cat Velez - 24th Oct 2016

Riccardo Salvi has directed this silly but very enjoyable spoof on smartphone addiction for Belzebass and Bassphomet's track Moshpit.

It follows a young man walking down the street, completely absorbed by his phone while crazy things happen around him. Bumping into fellow pedestrians who are guilty of the same, he carries on as if there isn't an alien, a triple-breasted woman or a blind man right in front of him...

"The idea for Moshpit fleshed out in my mind one day walking in central London," Salvi explains. "My iPod randomly played that song while I was looking at my phone and in about 100m I happened to crash into two or three different people on the sidewalk. Here is the modernised (and hopefully more personal) version of that video."

PRO Credits


DirectorRiccardo Salvi
ProducerIrene Rei
Production CompanyPizzazz
Executive ProducerRiccardo Salvi
Director of PhotographyJamie Robert Othero
Focus PullerAngelo Gatti
WardrobeRebecca Zola
Make-upAlessandro Cocco
EditorRiccardo Salvi
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Grading companyCHEAT
VFXAlberto Falcone
Lead actorAnthony Mckay
LabelAfter Mess (mexico)
Other creditsCasting Director. Antonio Ricci Runner. Giulia Soldavini

Cat Velez - 24th Oct 2016

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